YouNxt Co-Presents @ Hot Docs!!!

Clear your calendars kids because for the next 11 days you’ll soak up some of the most intriguing documentaries around.

That’s right – it’s Hot Docs time!!!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival which is North America’s largest documentary festival and one of the most respected doc festivals in the world.

From April 25 to May 5, 2013 you’ll be able to take in 205 amazing docs from 43 countries.

And YouNxt is proud to once again be a co-presenter at Hot Docs.

Last year we brought you the much buzzed about indie skateboarding/teenage angst doc Only the Young. And this year, along with our friends at the Ekran Polish Film Festival, we’re bringing to you the Made In Poland program, which includes this fun little gem Fuck for Forest…

Showcasing the region’s finest contemporary non-fiction cinema, Made In Poland offers a selection of films that celebrate the country’s contribution to the documentary art form.

What’s even better is that we’ll have a chance to win tickets to see each of the Polish films by entering our Hot Docs tickets contests.  See below for contest details.

Here’s a breakdown of the films:

Moja Wola (Original Title) Dir. Bartosz M. Kowalski

In this stirring story of friendship and determination, Pawel coaches his best buddy Bartek to become a film stuntman, and their dreams reach beyond the desperate confines of their impoverished and violent Warsaw neighbourhood.

Screening with…

Punkt Wyjscia (Original Title)  Dir. Jagoda Szelc

Aleksander has an unusual passion: BASE jumping. He’s a daredevil making big decisions, managing huge risks and sacrificing everything he’s got with every jump—and for what? A kick-ass adrenaline rush! Exit Point is a hair-raising film about freedom, experience, luck and following your true nature, wherever it may lead. Sometimes the only way to live is by jumping into the abyss.

A Dream in the Making / Exit Point:

5/3 9:45pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 4
5/3 5:30pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 4


Uwiklani (Original Title)  Dir. Lidia Duda

The line between victim and aggressor tragically blur when a young Polish man exacts revenge on an abusive neighbour; now imprisoned while his molester walks free, neither man can entirely escape the other.

Screening with…


Rozmowa (Original Title) Dir. Piotr Sulkowski

Agnieszka and Janusz are convicted murderers that have been corresponding with each other for eight years. They’ve never met—until now. Their revealing online video call shows the couple in split-screen, as they lay eyes upon each other for the very first time. As viewers, we see both sides of this emotional meeting all at once

Entangled / The Conversation:

4/26 1:30pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 3
4/27 6:30pm Scotiabank 3
5/3 9:00pm Innis College


Uwolinic motyla (Original Title) Dir. Joanna Frydrych

A former model and fiercely driven career woman aims her laser-focus on a singular goal: cheating death. Defying the odds of her ALS diagnosis for ten years, she now fixes her limited energy on creatively fundraising for traditional treatments in India.

Screening with…


Dir. Kamila Jozefowicz

Rather than work long days to buy frivolous things, a fearless Argentine artist practices self-sufficiency by living alone, off the grid and the land, in remotest Brazil. But after ten years, the luxury of her isolation is threatened by outside forces.

Free the Butterfly / Galumphing:

4/28 6:00pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 4
4/29 1:30pm Scotiabank 4


Wirtualna wojna (Original Title) Dir. Jacek Blawut

Rabid gamers and history nuts re-enact WWII dogfights using an online flight simulator, but their alliances stray from actual events—Poles and Russians side with Nazis while Germans join the Allies—leaving historical fact a casualty on the virtual battlefield.

Screening with…


Dir. Pawel Ziemilski

A seemingly aimless camera floats through people’s lives, passing through walls and electronic devices. A family stares slack-jawed at a television program. eenagers play war on the computer. A stereo system blares. The noisy intrusion of technology is evident in every room and every facet of life. Rogalik expertly uses the camera as a hovering mirror to reflect the alienating and pervasive influence of technology on the everyday.

Man at War / Rogalik:

4/28 7:00pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 3
4/29 4:30pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 4


Dir. Wiktoria Szymanska

After fleeing Danzig – now Gdansk – for Sweden during WWII, Michael Meschke grew up to become one of the world’s greatest marionette masters.  Now 82, this extraordinary artist revisits his past by bringing his famous puppets out of storage one last time.

Screening with…


Zabawki cesarza (Original Title) Dirs. Tomasz Gotfryd, Jaroslaw Mozdziedz, Joanna Rusinek, Joanna Wojcik, Grzegorz Wierzchowski

A man known as the Emperor of Collectors shows off his extensive and unusual collection of dolls, miniature cars and Tinkertoys. But his prized possessions are more than meets the eye in this whimsical peek inside the secret life of inanimate objects. A whole other imaginative reality exists if you only just believe.

The Man Who Made Angels Fly / Emperor’s Toys:

4/30 3:30pm ROM
5/1 9:15pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 4
5/2 9:00pm Innis College


Dir. Michał Marczak

Anarchic eco-charity Fuck for Forest wants you to get horny, get naked and save the world. Dedicated to the belief that personal sexual liberation can radically alter humanity’s relationship to the earth, Fuck for Forest’s modus operandi is to mix the serious business of survival with pleasure—they sell self-produced erotica online to benefit the environment. Fuck for Forest is a barely believable real-world story from director Michał Marczak (winner of the Emerging Artist Award at Hot Docs 2011) detailing a calamitous meeting of optimism and reality.


For a chance to win a pair of tickets to the following screenings:

Entangled / The Conversation:
4/26 1:30pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

Free the Butterfly / Galumphing:
4/28 6:00pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

Man at War / Rogalik:
4/28 7:00pm TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

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Please send your answer to younxt AT along with the following:

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We’ll select the winner at random. Deadline for entry is tomorrow (April 26th) at noon.

Good luck!

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