Weekly Soundtrack: V-Day Edition

By YouNxt

Chances are, you have many a playlist on your mp3 players: the workout mix, the late-night driving mix, the white noise mix. But do you have music to knock your (and your partner’s) socks off?

Well, we have you covered. We’ve compiled some of our favourite tracks to get you into the mood, from steamy ballads to well, more steamy ballads!

This is our sexy time mix. Let the countdown begin!

10. ‪The Darkness – “I Believe In A Thing Called Love‬“

9. Sade – “Smooth Operator”

8. Simply Red – “Sunrise”

7. George Michael – “I Want Your Sex”

6. Portishead – “Glory Box”

5. Madonna – “Justify My Love”

4. LL Cool J – “Doin it”

3. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg – “Je T’aime,…Moi Non Plus”

2. Marvin Gaye – “Lets Get it On”

1. Chris Isaak – “Wicked Games”

Well, what do you think? Did we miss anything worthy?

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