Weekly SNDtrack: The Sheepdogs

By Filip Terlecki    Photo by Shannon Heather

Did you ever hear the story about the Sheepdog?

Neither have I.

But here’s the story of the Sheepdogs.

Three friends with a passion for boogie rock decided to form a band.

One worked as a bartender.

The other as a shoe salesman.

And the third worked for an organization that supported people with disabilities.

Their common bond was that they were all Saskatonians (as in they came from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and they could all grow a mean rock n’ roll beard.

Later, while at a party, they met another fellow that they suspected could also grow a mean rock n’ roll beard.

A few drinks later they invited him to a jam session.

The foursome – Ewan Currie, Leot Hanson, Ryan Gullen and Sam Corbett formed a band. Tthey called it The Sheepdogs.

They toured relentlessly throughout North America for six years.

Then, this happened…

After 1.5 million votes cast online, The Sheepdogs beat 15 other bands to win Rolling Stone’s “Choose The Cover” competition. And on August 18, 2011 they became the first unsigned band ever to appear on the cover of the legendary music magazine.

Things have kind of exploded for them since.

The Sheepdogs call themselves an old-school rock and roll revival. Their sound is characterized by sweet melody, harmony and groove. It’s a sound that’s a throwback to the 1960’s Woodstock era.

“How Late, How Long”

Simply put – it’s the perfect soundtrack for that cross-country live-free road trip you’ve been planning on doing for years. So, let this be your inspiration…

“I Don’t Know”

The Sheepdogs are currently on tour so make sure to catch one of their shows. Concert dates are listed here.

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