Weekly Soundtrack: Karbido

By Anna Piszczkiewicz

It sounds harmless enough. Four men sit around a wooden table and make music. But the table, it’s no ordinary table. It’s a specially constructed musical instrument which the quartet plays by tapping, swiping, scraping its surface and blowing into its maple grooves, crafting experimental electro-acoustic soundscapes.

The four men, known collectively as Karbido, play everything from traditional folk melodies and jazz improvisations to early rock hits like “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy & The Stooges.

The Table is the name of the show the group has been taking to festivals around the world since 2006. Mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, enigmatic, the piece is a tour de force. But enough waxing poetic.

What can four men do with a table, you ask?

Karbido musicians Paweł Czepułkowski, Igor Gawlikowski, Michał Litwiniec and Marek Otwinowski (say that three times fast) hail from Wrocław, Poland and are joined by sound and lighting wizards Tomasz Sikora and Jacek Fedorowicz. They have been making music together since the early 2000s.

The Table made its debut in 2006 during one of Poland’s most important arts festivals (the Review of Stage Songs OFF) in Wrocław, and went on to receive accolades and awards. The show is still captivating audiences.

Most recently, Karbido were presented with the best performance award at the Fringe World Festival in Perth, Australia where the Polish foursome are on tour until mid-March.

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