Weekly Soundtrack: Grimes

By Filip Terlecki

Grimes is the alias and project name of Claire Boucher.

When Claire was 21 she set off on a Huckleberry Finn-like adventure with her boyfriend on a houseboat they crafted from scratch with the intention to take it down the Mississippi River.

They called the boat Velvet Glove Cast in Iron and named themselves Varuschka and Zelda Xox. The boat’s cargo included chickens, a typewriter and 20 pounds of potatoes.

Originally from Vancouver, Claire moved to Montreal to attend McGill University. It was there that she first began to record music and perform under the name Grimes. Subsequently, she was booted out of school for spending all of her time on music (and none in class.)

Since then not much has changed. Over the last two years, Grimes has been on a musical marathon during which she released three albums.

Her newest offering Visions made its debut on March 12.

Check out her new video for the single “Oblivion” which was directed by Emily Kai Bock.

Prolific in the studio as well as on the road, Grimes just played SXSW and is currently on tour. If you’d like to catch her live, visit her website for concert info.

And if you’d like to know how the houseboat-Mississippi River adventure ended up, click here.

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