Weekly SNDtrack: The Lumineers

By Filip Terlecki

If you live in Canada than happy Family Day!

This weeks soundtrack for the week has a very personal touch.

Two weeks ago my daughter Maya was born. As I raced to the hospital to make it for her birth this song played over and over on the radio. Considering the lyrics (well at least the chorus) I thought if was very fitting.

A week later The Lumineers performed at the Grammy’s and on Valentine’s Day my wife, Ursula, gave me their CD as a gift.

There’s no escaping it. Musical karma must have its way.

“Ho Hey” is the song. And the band behind it – The Lumineers has a bit of that Mumford and Sons meets Bob Dylan sound going on. I highly recommend it for that summer road trip that you’re planning or as the soundtrack for your next kid’s birth.

Maya and I will always have this song…

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