Weekly SNDtrack: “Shapeshifting” by Color War

Remember the feeling of utter freedom and carelessness when you were a teenager? The world was full of possibility and time stood still.

Well, here’s that feeling personified by three ballerinas (Cassiel Eatock, Isabel Ball, Elizabeth Van Genderen) wreaking havoc on the streets of Manhattan.

Our soundtrack for this week comes to you via director Crystal Moselle who filmed the girls as part of a music video for New York-based synth-pop duo, Color War.


Director Crystal Moselle by Curtis Kulig (curtiskulig.com)


Have a look at the video and if you’re curious about how it came to be check out this interview with the director.

As a side note, filmmaker Crystal Moselle just won the Sundance Film Festival U.S Documentary Grand Jury Prize for her film The Wolfpack.

Color War “Shapeshifting” from crystal moselle on Vimeo.

Photo via curtiskulig.com