Weekly SNDtrack: Is Tropical

For whatever reason little boys love playing with guns. Perhaps it has something to do with the overabundance of shoot ’em up violence on TV or the proliferation of first shooter video games. Then again, it might just be a primal instinct dating back to sticks and stones cave man days; the kill or be killed instinct.

Whatever the reason, give a boy a gun (or something that resembles one) and a full out war will ensue.

Our pick for soundtrack of the week is less about the music and more about the video. Created by Parisian filmmaking collective MEGAFORCE, the video turns an ordinary neighbourhood gun fight into an all out drug cartel war complete with futuristic lasers, point blank range assassinations and lots of blood and explosions.

Here’s the video for “The Greeks” by English trio Is Tropical.

IS TROPICAL – THE GREEKS from julien daubas on Vimeo.

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