Weekly SNDtrack: Groenland

By Anna Piszczkiewicz

A little bit indie, a little bit pop and little bit quirky, no doubt because of the band’s Montreal roots. This is Groenland and it’s their French-influenced alt pop goodness that got me hooked on their sound.

I caught a sample while sitting in the cinema, watching commercials, waiting for Before Midnight (see my short REVIEW below) to begin.  It was the perfect humdinger for a late Sunday afternoon so I made a note of the cold northern country they are named after.

What struck me first: the powerful yet restrained voice of lead vocalist Sabrina Halde and then its backdrop, lovely and warm folky instrumentation, featuring everything from a violin to a ukulele.

The mini orchestra features Jean-Vivier Lévesque (keyboards and programming) Jonathan Charette (drums), Simon Gosselin (bass), Gabrielle Girard-Charest (cello) and Fanny C. Laurin (violin).

VIDEO: Groenland – “The Things I’ve Done”

Groenland’s debut album, The Chase, is now available. Their upcoming summer tour will take them through Quebec and Ontario. They are also part of the Osheaga 2013 lineup if you’re looking to sample their sound live in their hometown of Montreal.

VIDEO: Groenland – “Daydreaming” (CMW 2013)

And as for Before Midnight, this third instalment of the Richard Linklater walk and talk romance series (featuring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke) is the realest depiction of modern relationships of all the films. It’s so honest; you get less of the relationship “magic” but more of the rawness and messiness of two people — now a young family — trying to make things work.

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