Weekly SNDtrack: Gotan Project

Words by Anna Piszczkiewicz     Band Photos via Gotan Project Facebook

The Coco Bandero Cays are a small group of uninhabited islands with nothing more than white sand and king-sized palm trees, surrounded by clear turquoise waters and protected by a couple mile reef that extends into the Caribbean Sea.

Known as the most stunning islands in the San Blas archipelago (there are about 378 in total), located off the north-east coast of Panama, they are accessible to indigenous Kuna Indians that come by in their dugout canoes and by private sailboat. I was lucky enough to be in the latter camp.

After swimming, snorkeling and sauntering around the three nearest islands (it’s the anchoring proximity to all three that makes this place so jaw-dropping), it was time to return to the boat.

The hot sun began to vanish, replaced by a bruised purple sky , the crew settled into a fresh lobster supper and needed a soundtrack to accompany this breathtaking locale—a soundtrack fit for a crew that spanned all decades from 20-something to 60-something. This had me digging deep into my archive.

The discography of a Paris-based group, musicians that mix Argentine tango with electronic beats and samples, aptly named Gotan Project was the perfect backdrop to this view.

Musicians Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph Müller first made the world music scene sit up and take notice in 2001 with their debut album La Revancha del Tango (The Revenge of the Tango), a modern take on traditional tango.

Gotan Project – “Diferente”

Gotan Project is my recommendation for hot summer evenings (alternately a way to heat them up), whether you’re surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters or sitting on your city terrace, drink in hand.

Gotan Project – “Mi Confesión” (Live @ Casino de Paris)

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