SNDtrack: Django Unchained

When it comes to movie soundtracks no one does it better than Quentin Tarantino. Starting with Reservoir Dogs and moving onto Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Death Proof – the music accompanying Tarantino’s films is as meticulously thought out as the dialogue that he is celebrated for.

Rather than hiring a composer to create original music, Tarantino usually selects largely forgotten hits that he feels will compliment the action on screen. Included on each soundtrack are also dialogue excerpts from the film, making each soundtrack an absolute feast for the ears.

Tarantino’s soundtrack message.

The soundtrack for Django Unchained is no exception. And the added bonus is that this time around the director commissioned artists such as John Legend, Jamie Foxx and renowned music composer Ennio Morricone to create brand spanking new music.

Here’s a sample…

Django (Luis Bacalov)

“In that case Django, After You…” (Christoph Waltz)

The Braying Mule (Ennio Morricone)

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