Weekly SNDtrack: Daughter

Words by Anna Piszczkiewicz

Daughter started as a solo project by Elena Tonra in 2010. The English musician quickly added guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella to the lineup to become a trio now known as Daughter. They signed with well-known British record label 4AD  and released their first full-length album If You Leave earlier this year to critical acclaim.

“(Elena Tonra) is that gorgeous girl you pass on the street who, you know, is way too trendy for you to ever consider talking to. She’s the kind of girl who rolls cigarettes in the closing minutes of tutorials and dates guys who grow ironic moustaches. Luckily for those with less developed hirsute capabilities, Tonra’s beautifully aching voice has been recorded for the world to hear. “Peter” is one of those songs that manages to drop the F-bomb like an A-bomb, making you sit up in your seat, smile and think, ‘Silly Peter, I bet his moustache looks terrible.'”

The above words belong to Luke Burns who first introduced me to this indie folk gem from the British Isles on his blog Shut the Folk Up  (If you’re reading this Luke, I miss your posts! Come back!).

VIDEO: Daughter – “Peter”

Originally appearing on the band’s self-released The Wild Youth EP, Youth was re-recorded and is getting an official release as a single this August. Tonra’s voice is as beautiful as ever and her lyrics, well, their sorrow just breaks you. If I was in my early twenties, this is what I’d be listening to and likely weeping to in my room.

VIDEO: Daughter – “Youth”

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