VIDEO: Le Diner en Blanc Toronto

Recently, Toronto hosted it’s version of Le Diner en Blanc – the all white pop-up dinner party which was originally launched in Paris 25 years ago (oh, the French and their crazy ideas!).

All across the world, people dress in their stylish all-white best and aren’t informed of the location until just a few hours before the event. Once the secret location is revealed they collectively descent on the spot and transform the space into an extravagant banquet complete with gourmet food and fine wine.

It’s all fun and appetizing but what’s really behind the appeal?

The event seems to quench people’s thirst for a unique and collective experience. Ironically, in our all encompassing social media world we seem to be loosing “real-life” connections. We’re connected digitally but really dis-connected socially.

Le Diner en Blanc offers a bit of an antidote. It’s a chance for us to experience something unique with total strangers.

Toronto’s 2014 edition of Le Diner en Blanc at Ontario’s Echo Beach seemed to be a resounding success.

We were asked by the organizers to document the event through The Creators Bureau. This is a sneak peek of what we captured through our camera lens.

Le Diner en Blanc – Toronto (Teaser) from The Creators Bureau on Vimeo.

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