BEST #Sochi2014 Commercials

We’ve had a blast watching the Sochi Olympics and we’re super inspired by all the athletes. The hard work, determination and perseverance that it takes just to get there is mind blowing.

Undoubtedly, with intense competition come huge emotions (for the athletes and spectators alike.) How much hair have you already pulled out watching the likes of Alex Bilodeau repeating his Gold medal moguls run or waiting to see if Shaun White can once again dominate the half-pipe?

Then there are the tear jerking sportsmanship stories – biggest one so far: Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth helping Russia’s cross country sprinter Anton Gafarov by replacing his broken ski.

We’re only half way into the games so there are still way more ups and downs to come.

But emotion on the sports fields aside, there’s a slew of commercials that aim to inspire, excite and warm their way into our hearts.

Here are our TOP 5 favorite Sochi Olympics Commercials:


Sochi 2014: The Best of Canada on the Best of Bell


Chris Del Bosco: Redemption (Sochi 2014 Olympic Games) #WHATITTAKES


“Hours” Noelle Pikus-Pace


Visa celebrates Sarah Hendrickson 


P&G Thank You, Mom | Kept Us Going | Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

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