The Tilda Swinton Kids

Words and photos by Filip Terlecki

When I attended the recent Rad Hourani show at Toronto Fashion Week I was struck with a peculiar realization.

The unisex garments (the designer’s signature look) making their way down the runway on the backs of young androgynous models perfectly fit the Tilda Swinton aesthetic.

The Oscar winning actress who commands attention with her piercing green eyes and powder-white skin is known for an avant-garde style that’s one dash military commander (she is the daughter of one), one dash David Bowie and one dash glamorous space Queen.

She has frequently been described as a “chameleon.”

In any way, this led me to think that if Tilda Swinton had teenage kids, in a world of Rad Hourani, they might look sort of like this…


More photos of the collection and the stylish folks that attended the event are available on our Facebook page.

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