The One Must for Every Gent

Words and Photos by FT

The return of the gentleman is in full swing.

In Europe men are more self assured when it comes to wardrobe and grooming. Looking sharp and taking care of oneself is encouraged not mocked.

In North America, the importance of comfort over style is poisonous as it leads to out of shape, unmotivated slobs that don’t know the first thing about taking care of themselves, let alone a woman. However, over the last while this mind set has been changing. Guys (and gals) are embracing the return of the manly man.

When it comes to looking sharp a great comb is a must.


Recently, I picked up this Baxter of California comb at Nomad in Toronto.

It’s a handmade Swiss manufactured comb with a great texture and weight to it. It feels like a proper man comb and the tortoise shell finish gives it that touch of classic elegance. Even though it feels like a million bucks you can pick it up on-line for about $20 dollars fromĀ

Baxter Comb Description

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