The Heart Truth Fashion Show

Words and Photos by Filip Terlecki

I’ve been to several fashion shows which featured celebrity models and often times they can be excruciating to watch. People that have no business on the runway can look uncomfortable and awkward as they strut down the catwalk hoping to get it over with. It’s a painful experience for them and the audience (sort of like watching the Tom Cruise/ Kelly McGillis Top Gun sex scene with your parents as a teen – you start to sweat and do everything in your power to avoid eye contact with your mom – am I alone here?). Mind you, this is almost always for a charitable cause so at the end of the day, all is forgiven and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.

I think the secret to making a celebrity fashion show a success is for the models to own the catwalk. Rather than pretending to be Gisele Bündchen, the ‘models’ are themselves.

Why am I going on about this?

Last night, I attended The Heart Truth Fashion Show organized in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It took place at Toronto’s The Carlu. It happened on International Women’s Day (how fitting) and featured celebrity models such as Shannon Tweed, her husband, famed KISS rocker Gene Simmons and Top Chef Canada host Lisa Ray. It was kicked off by MTV’s Jessi Cruickshank.

An eclectic mix of heavy beats combined with Opera worthy lighting and a simple but elegant stage design were the perfect platform for  the ‘models’ who had a blast wearing custom designed red dresses.

They laughed. They smiled. They struck a pose. And they had a blast. These weren’t just ‘celebrity’ models – they were models.

Congrats to them all as well as to the organizers for putting on such a fun event.

Here are a few photos of the people AND the guests that made The Heart Truth Fashion Show such a cool shindig. We have a ton more photos on our Facebook page (so tag away) and there’s a video coming soon.

Enjoy and let us know who you think looks the best.

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