Creators of The Art of Flight

By Filip Terlecki

It’s a long, cold and brutal winter. And I love it. (Well, maybe it hasn’t been so cold and brutal but I love it regardless.)

For those of us so inclined to spend the winter months on a board or skis the onset of winter usually means popping on an extreme skiing/snowboarding flick to get psyched for the coming season. It’s the equivalent of watching the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to get you excited for the holiday season.

With that in mind, one of the best films out there is the newly released The Art of Flight.

Created in part by the Red Bull Media House, this all-snowboarding flick follows snowboarding maverick Travis Rice and a band of the best riders in the world on an across the globe adventure on which they ride pretty much anything accessible by a helicopter.

Offering unprecedented access and stunning images, the film mixes “holy shit!” screaming action and harrowing adventure with the inevitable drama encountered along the way.

It’s an intense ride perfect for adrenaline hungry ski junkies as well as the drama craving general public.

Check it out…

The company behind The Art of Flight is Jackson, Wyoming based Brain Farm Digital Cinema.

These former snowboard bums led by Director Curt Morgan started off making $100 budget snowboarding films in the backcountry and now utilize an arsenal of some of the most advanced filmmaking technology.

They even own a high-tech camera that requires clearance from the U.S. Department of National Defense.

When it comes to action sports filmmaking these guys rank among the very best.

They’ve shoot films for Red Bull, Quiksilver, ESPN and even the United States Marine Corps. In 2011 they won an Emmy Award for their cinematography on National Geographic’s epic natural history series Great Migrations. Pretty good for a bunch of guys who spend their formative years dreaming of half-pipes.

Check out this story about how Brain Farm got started…

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