The 411 on Grand Marnier

Today marks the official first day of summer and with that we begin a new segment called “Booze it or lose it!”

Here’s the thing, the way we see it: if you don’t drink it someone else will.

So, it’s time to hit those patios, enjoy the sun, and explore something new in the alcoholic beverage department. Don’t just stick to the tried and true, try something new.

Grand Marnier – why not pick up a box for this weekend?

We’re suckers for anything French. We love it because much like New Yorkers the French don’t give a damn what anyone thinks, they just march to the beat of their own drum. Plus, like New Yorkers they’ve got style. They’ve got that “je ne sais quoi” in pretty much everything.

They know food. They know beauty and they most certainly know booze.

Some time ago, we had an opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Charles de Bournet Marnier Lapostolle – a 7th generation member of the famed Marnier-Lapostolle family; the creators of the world renowned Grand Marnier Liqueur – and we jumped at the opportunity (interviews with booze execs often means lots of free drinks, yay!!!)

As chief executive officer of the company’s Chilean arm (encompassing Lapostolle Winery and Perigee Spirits), Mr. Charles is young and handsome and he’s definitely got that sophisticated euro charm.

Grand Marnier itself is a familiar anomaly to most. It’s one of those distinct and expensive looking liquor bottles that most people have seen but never actually tried.

Grand Marnier is an orange-flavoured brandy liqueur made from Cognac brandy and distilled essence of bitter orange. It’s got an orange flavour and it can be consumed “neat” or used in mixed drinks and desserts.

The Grand Fresh Demo

The Grand Marnier website offers some great suggestions for cocktails, desserts and cocktail pairings. So head on over kids and start mixing.

And here’s a video of our interview with Charles de Bournet Marnier Lapostolle and The 411 on Grand Marnier.

Enjoy and remember “Booze it or lose it!”

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