Sundance: Free Fail Campaign

The road to success is fraught with failure.

If you have big dreams and big goals then chances are that to achieve them you will need to fail…a lot.

Failure means that you are pushing boundaries and putting yourself out there. The key though, is to learn from failure and to never repeat that mistake again.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. You must learn from failure, alter your strategy and go for it again. In other words, you must fail yourself up; get better and achieve more with every failure.

On January 20, 2014, the Sundance Film Festival celebrated failure with a day-long series of panels and events. The festival invited artists and cultural luminaries to “lead discussions and workshops designed to embrace failure as essential to risk-taking, innovation, and the creative process.”

Director Wes Anderson's much praised Bottle Rocket was initially rejected by Sundance.

Director Wes Anderson’s much praised Bottle Rocket was initially rejected by Sundance.

To kick off its Free Fail campaign, Sundance commissioned photographer Taryn Simon to create something to kick off the project.

In response Simon created a 13-second slide show made up of rejection letters. It begins with a rejection of George Orwell’s Animal Farm by publisher Knopf and concludes with a rejected Freedom of Information Act request made by internet activist Aaron Swartz.

Here’s the complete flip book:

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