How to Succeed

For many of us the New Year starts with the end of summer.

We set new goals and vow to finally go after our big dreams.

Inevitably things don’t go our way – we stumble, we complicate – and we shrug off the effort and vow to try again next year.

Almost always the stumbling block that gets in our way is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of rejection. Our brain is subconsciously wired to protect us from danger and fear is the mechanism that it uses to keep us from taking risks.

But as the adage goes “with big risks come big rewards.”

To achieve something new we must risk failure. We must stop being afraid and take the necessary steps. After all, we know what we need to do – we just need to do it.

The solution? Better communication.

You must better communicate with yourself and others. Be clear and unequivocal about what you want.

The other thing – don’t be afraid to just ask.

In this video, the famed – and geeky and eccentric – Vancouver based punk journalist Nardwuar the Human Serviette addresses a panel of TEDx-ers about how he managed to score interviews with some of the hippest musical acts on the planet. And, how he’s earned their respect along the way.

No fear.

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