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When it comes to dressing my 14 month old daughter, when I can, I try to inject a bit of European sensibility into her wardrobe. To me that means forgoing hot pink dresses with splashes of leopard print but instead, pulling classic neutrals and pastels that are still fun but elegant and classic at the same time.


At times I even dress her in pieces designed for boys as I prefer the hues and styles. Plus, she’s girly enough to be able to pull off a bit of an androgynous look and, there’s nothing cuter than a little girl in white converse, army green pants and a hoodie.

This aesthetic appeals to me because growing up in Poland (the first four years of my life) this is how my mother dressed me. For holidays and special occasions I had bows in my hair, shirts/onesies with perfectly pressed collars, socks with lace frills (paired with white sandals), and dresses skimming my knees.

Days at home were spent running around outside in our oversized garden in cords, leather lace-up sneakers and neutral sweaters. I mentioned to my mom the other day that as kids my brother and I were always so pulled together and our outfits were so classic, looking timeless even today. Her response to me was that there simply wasn’t an alternative.

At the time, communist Poland didn’t afford my mother the luxury of going from store to store filing through racks of baby clothes. She was provided with a few basics in neutral tones that lasted a long time and made great hand-me-downs. Coloured winter coats and boots as well as whimsical skirts and dresses that arrived from my grandparents living in New York City were saved for special occasions.

When I was pregnant and looking for baby clothes for my daughter it was at Obaibi that I found the type of clothes my mother dressed me in. Designed in France, Obaibi’s clothes are of great quality, easy-to-wear, and made for the comfort and needs of babies and beyond.

Obaibi 4E

There are less expensive clothing alternatives for babies/kids of course, when I want a piece unlike anything else out at the chain stores or, simply something a little special, I’ll go to Obaibi first.  I like the fact that the store isn’t huge, I’m never overwhelmed by the selection nor disappointed by a lack there of. Simply put, the store and brand take me back. I’m reminded of being kid and the fun I had.

Obaibi 5e


Mixed Obaibi pieces. Photos via (via Pinterest)

I’d be naive to think that the clothes I wore had anything to do with my happiness as a child, but if my daughter can grow up exploring and having fun looking just a bit like her mom when she a kid I’m okay with that. I just hope she likes looking at her childhood pictures and what she was dressed in when she grows up as much as I do.

For those living in the GTA there’s a Obaibi in Square One in Mississauga.

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