Le Dîner en Blanc

Photos from Le Dîner en Blanc and Julien Hainaut 

The French sure know how to wine and dine so it’s no surprise that Le Dîner en Blanc was born there.

What is Le Dîner en Blanc you ask?

It’s a secret renegade pop-up dinner – a sort of gustatory flash mob which brings together thousands of people dressed all in white for a massive feast in a public location disclosed at the last minute.

The “dinner in white” was first launched in 1988 in Paris by François Pasquier who, according to the NY Times “held a dinner party to reconnect with friends. So many wanted to come that he asked them to convene at the Bois de Boulogne and to dress in white, so they could find each other.”

The event has now grown to 15 cities worldwide across 5 continents.

It’s dubbed “the most sought after secret event.”

Here’s the event’s recipe for success:

1. The evening takes place in a public place which was not designed for such a purpose and is often crowded.

2. In order to participate, one must be invited by a participant from the previous year or get on the official website’s waiting list.

3. Once confirmed, the presence of each guest thus becomes mandatory, regardless of weather conditions.

4. The colour of attire and table setting is white only.

5. Table seating is symmetrical with men seated on one side and women on the other.

6. Participants arrive and depart at the same time by organized transportation.

7. Depart with one’s belongings, leftovers and trash, leaving the place as clean as it was upon arrival.

On August 9 Le Dîner en Blanc is coming to Toronto. And one of the foodies spearheading it is Jessica Tan – a dinner guest at The Market – our intimate dinner for 17 inspiring women.

It promises to be an unforgettable event. So, if you haven’t already…make sure to sign up!

Take a look at last year’s Le Dîner en Blanc from Montreal.

Dîner en Blanc de Montréal 2011 VIDÉO OFFICIELLE from Aymeric Pasquier on Vimeo.

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