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If you’re reading this than chance are that you’re probably into social media. Heck, who isn’t tweeting, facebooking, instagramming or snapchatting nowadays.

No matter how you feel about social media and it’s life encompassing downsides, it’s pretty evident that this technology is here to stay and it will only grow more prominent. Welcome to the dark side!

Erik Martin

Social/Digital media is a big part of our personal and professional lives. And whether you’re a musician looking to connect with fans, an entrepreneur hoping to increase your client base, a single dude/dudette on the prowl for that significant other or just someone looking to find a tribe; social media is an essential tool in helping you make this happen.

On the flip side, it seems like every week some amazing new app, social network or technology comes out to make things even more overwhelming.

That said, attending a professional digital media conference to get a better grasp on all of this is a pretty good idea.

Digital Media Summit, which is a part of next week’s Canadian Music Week, does just that.

Taking place on May 7th at Toronto’s Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel, the all day event features leading experts providing valuable insights into key trends, best practices and innovations  in the field of digital/social media.

Among the speakers at this year’s event are:

  • Nate Auerbach, Music Strategy & Outreach, Tumblr, USA
  • Erik Martin, General Manager, Reddit, USA
  • Dave Brown, Content Partnerships, YouTube, Canada
  • Keith Hernandez, VP, International Accounts, Buzzfeed, USA
  • Steve Ladurantaye, Head of News and Government Partnerships, Twitter Canada, Canada

Also on the bill is social media mastermind Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of a social media brand consulting agency VaynerMedia, the author of the best selling Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and the subject of a recent Biz feature by the New York Times.

Limited tickets are still available. Use the discount code“YOUNXT” to receive a 25% discount.

To get psyched about all this digital media madness and opportunity check out this enlightening interview with Gary V at the 2013 Paris Le Web.

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