Retro RWD: WHAM!


The other day I had a bad case of nostalgia and badly needed a fix. So as any rational person would do I took to YouTube in search of a cure. For some reason WHAM! popped into my head. Remember them?

My fondness for the 1980’s stems from my childhood; a simpler, quieter time with no digital distractions to clutter our minds and shorten our attention spans. A time of big hair, leg warmers, arcade games, walkmans and boomboxes. Forget apps and Angry Birds – we had the Rubik’s Cube!

There were genuine movie heroes – Indiana Jones! The Rebel Alliance!¬†Ferris Bueller! And the Ghostbusters!!! (all soon to be remade into new movies, I’m sure) And MTV was just an infant.

Upon reflection, the 80’s seem really great and then you watch a video like this…


…and think “Yeah! The 80’s were awesome!”

Happy Friday!

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