PROFILE: Eva Magdalenski

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By Filip Terlecki

As a child Eva Magdalenski grew up playing with the mythical creatures of the enchanted forest in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado. In 2008 she decided to part ways with the sasquatches, ogres and trolls of Evergreen for the city of angels, Los Angeles.

She’s been busy ever since assisting the hardest working woman in comedy, Chelsea Handler, at her production company Borderline Amazing Productions. She’s also appeared in the E! network hit show After Lately, a reality-style sitcom that goes behind-the-scenes of Chelsea Handler’s late night talk show.  She’s even penned a chapter in the New York Times Best Seller Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me.

Watch Eva this Sunday at 11ET/8PT on the season finale of After Lately on E! with Jennifer Aniston.

Here’s a glimpse at her work environment…

What is your current role at Borderline Amazing Productions?

Formerly, I was Director of Operations. I kept the crazy wrenches out of the clockwork around here. As of the near future, I will be an Associate Producer and am taking over the website.

How did you start working with Chelsea Handler?

She came to perform at the Denver Comedy Works, where I worked at the time. I was just starting up my own PR company (Comedy Works Publicity) and was taking her to a radio station for promos, and we really hit it off.

During a break we both went to the ladies’ room. I was in the stall next to her and out of nowhere I started shouting, “OH MY GOD…. WHAT IS ALL THIS BLOOD!? IT’S LIKE DRIPPING DOWN MY LEG!” Chelsea took off and left me to deal with my pretend situation. I have been working for her since.

Photo: Karlo Gomez

What is it like to work with Chelsea? 

It’s amazing! She’s the best boss I have ever had. She takes really good care of her employees.

What have you learnt from her? Is there a piece of advice from her that really resonated? 

Be true to who you are, and don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself. She has taught me how to mentor and look out for other women in the work force. Chelsea has done so much to help me and a number of other women in their careers.  I hope that I can help others the same way that Chelsea helped me.

Having lived and worked in L.A for a while, what does it take to make it there in the entertainment industry? 

It takes 100% hard work and 100% dedication and a backbone of steel. It’s a good thing I got that scoliosis checked out.

Is there a motto/work ethic that you try to live by? 

Hard works pays off.  Do the best you can with what you have. Tell the truth and be nice to everyone.

What guest have you been particularly excited to meet? 

I don’t actually get to meet the guest at the show but I do get to watch every episode of Chelsea Lately upstairs in my office. Gloria Steinem was on yesterday, this was one of my favourite interviews ever.  My favourite GUEST that I have been lucky enough to meet has been Will Ferrell. He is one of my top comedy picks!

How were you involved in Chelsea’s new book Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me

I wrote a chapter with my friend Janea and after rounds and rounds of editing, it was selected. You can find it in Lies under “Eva is My Name, Comedy is My Game.” It was definitely an interesting process but has been greatly rewarding. I was also very honoured to have Sarah Colonna in the loop. She helped make my chapter great.

What’s the craziest story you can share with us from your experience with working with Chelsea? 

Honestly the craziest experiences are all narrated in my chapter from Lies!

Originally, when I first asked about your Polish background you were very excited to learn about YouNxt – why were you so interested in getting in touch with your Polish roots and connecting with the YouNxt community? 

I am half Polish from my dad’s side. I feel like Polish people get to have a special connection with each other. When you learn that someone else is Polish it’s as if the two of you just became members of a very special and very exclusive club. My grandmother on my dad’s side did a lot to help me understand my Polish heritage while I was growing up and I feel as if I have gotten away from that and what to learn so much more. I have never been to Poland and it is my dream to go someday soon!

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