Nerd Dreams Calendar

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Nerd Dreams come true in 2013!

Nerds need love too and what better way to fantasize about it than through free porn a pin-up calendar.

After all, in an age where nakedness is just a Google search away there’s something to be said about a salacious calendar that gets your mind working.

The Nerd Dreams Calendar is the brainchild of three self-described computer geeks from Germany.

The 2013 edition features hot girls posing as nerds while working classic computer consoles (there’s also an ode to iconic game character Lara Croft – immortalized on screen by Angelina Jolie).

“…a class of computer nerds formed. Call them geeks or even dorks, they paved the way to all the digital pleasures that make our lives so much richer today!” explained head nerd Henning Schneider on the Nerd Dreams website.

“To remember both the early computers and the nerds operating them, I want(ed) to produce the Nerds Dreams Calendars 2013.”

Among the models are these two German gals; we have no idea what they’re saying but it sure sounds intelligent.

Amelie working a C64-Model

Der Robotron KC 87

It’s an accepted fact that nerds rule the world. So to be on their good side we would encourage everyone to purchase a calendar. Nerd love forever.


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