NakedTie for the Holidays

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Guys – wanna impress the ladies with a look worthy of David Beckham or Ryan Gosling?

Ladies – want your hubby or boyfriend to look as pulled together as George Clooney or as dapper as Usher?

Well, stylish fashion accessories are just a click away. And with Christmas around the corner, here’s the perfect excuse to invest in some new sartorial elegance.

Daniel Jun is the proprietor of, an online shop with a mission to style Canadians with great ties and suit accessories at a great price. We recently spoke to Daniel about his passion for fashion and what inspired him to start his business.

What inspired you to launch NakedTie?

While looking for a bow tie in Toronto I realized two things, bow ties are expensive and the selection isn’t very good. I decided at that point to start this business because I wanted to offer a varied selection with a price I think is fair.

What’s the philosophy behind the company?

My philosophy is all about the people. I want people to look good at a reasonable price.  Also, I want NakedTie to be known for giving back.  Throughout November we were donating to Movember for men’s health. I plan on giving back in other ways as well.

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

My passion for fashion comes from always wanting things I could not have.  When I was young I wasn’t the best dressed kid. Even now I feel I can improve. But I also had an eye for a particular fashion. On the flip side, I also think that Toronto, and Canada as a whole, could use a better variety of choices for men’s wear. I’m committed to providing fashion items that help our nation look better.

What is your personal fashion style? And where does that style come from?

My personal style comes from moving around a lot when I was younger.  I hung out with many different groups of friends that influenced my style. I went through casual (roots), skater (chain wallet), urban (baggy jeans), preppy (v-neck knitted sweaters), and hipster (bow ties with Jordan’s) styles, all great looks which have influenced my style today.

Also, my grandfather was the perfect gentleman and always looked sharp. He had great style and he looked great because each piece he wore was thought out.  He never just wore a tie, he made his selection thoughtfully and as a result he looked suave.

Who are your top 5 fashion icons?

My top five fashion icons are all celebrities. I never really got into runway fashions.

I admire David Beckham for pulling off great looks from casual to formal. He always looks sharp. Usher pays attention to details and always looks fresh. Johnny Depp is not only a great actor but someone whose fashion is always unique and wild but always put together. Ryan Gosling another great actor who has great style and always looks like the man you want to look like. His clothes fit like a glove and I love the way he wears his suits. George Clooney is the style icon I’ve been looking up to as I get older.  He pairs his clothes well and whether casual or formal his style always looks effortless.

What is the biggest fashion faux pas that people make?

The biggest fashion faux pas I see men make is their lack of attention to detail.  And this relates to fashion as well as grooming. The biggest thing for me is shoes; men wearing shoes that look like they’ve been worn for years. If you love a pair of shoes so much, buy a new pair or maintain the one you have. Get your shoes polished.  I know not everyone including myself can afford to have a shoe for every outfit but invest in shoes that will last.

What are your future plans for NakedTie?                                                

I have a lot of plans for NakedTie, I hope that in the future we can do much more than sell ties.  I would love to have a blog and write about all the things I like and that inspire me, fashion, travel, etc. I also hope to have a store front to sell custom made shirts and suits as well as other items like t-shirts and accessories.

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