MUST SEE: Blackfish


This past weekend the Missus and I finally ventured out to see Before Midnight (highly recommend) at TIFF Bellligtbox. In my opinion this is one of the two best places in Toronto to see a film (the other place being Bloor Cinema which has been recently renovated and is now operated by the folks behind the Hot Docs festival.)

Prior to seeing the main attraction we were totally blown away by a preview for Blackfish. Holy cow this movie looks super interesting!

The TIFF website sums it up like this: “A hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this engrossing and emotionally wrenching documentary examines our fascination with and fear of the majestic orca, and the shocking conditions which these awe-inspiring creatures are subjected to in marine amusement parks around the world.”

Here’s the trailer…

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