They Do It On Stage

By Ursula Terlecki

Madonna herself might have been a disappointment during the 46th annual Super Bowl halftime show (with stiff movements and, what seemed to me, more like a copout then a knockout of a performance), but you have to admit, the stage, floor visuals, lighting and interactive show elements were something to lift your eyebrows at. As far as I’m concerned, the true stars behind Sunday night’s halftime show are Dominic Audet, Eric Fournier and Sakchin Bessette – the trio behind Moment Factory, a Montreal-based multimedia company that, along with Cirque du Soleil, conceived, created and executed the spectacular show.

Since 2001 Moment Factory has worked with the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Disney and Céline Dion. It was Moment Factory that was hired by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor for the Lights in the Sky live tour in 2009 and it was this Canadian company that was responsible for dropping 2,000 LED-lit beach balls over a crowd at Cochella festival in California during Arcade Fire’s performance last spring.

Their website boasts that they’ve got a team of 60 talented individuals who occupy a dynamic, multifunctional 20,000 square-foot space in Montreal. In the industrial studios they develop, design and produce the groundbreaking—often interactive—new media installations for which they have earned a reputation as industry leader, building mock-ups and testing prototypes prior to executing their vision.

Even though the smoke from the fireworks during the halftime show has barely settled, Moment Factory is already busy working on their next project (no rest for the wicked). They are currently in New York City providing the lights and interactive elements at two concerts featuring rapper Jay-Z at Carnegie Hall.

Here is their demo reel…

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