Modern Hussy’s Etiquette

By the Modern Hussy

A few years ago I decided that I would go through life having the most fun ever; a most difficult quest for a highly emotional individual who thrives at wallowing in self pity and despair.

Warning: this kind of attitude will attract people towards you and cause you to have many friends.

People like being around people who bring party and laughter everywhere they go. People are less inclined towards those who are always negative, tired and complain about everything going badly in life.

Whether you are doing it because you just got dumped or because you want to switch it up, here are some key tips on having the most-fun-ever.


– Get some highly inspirational friends. I have a few people around me who during a meet up make me feel like I can take over the world. These people are usually in the creative field, they often work from home, they are highly intelligent, they are always full of ‘ideas’ and often convince you to try new things. These people are total keepers, and have quickly made their way into my inner circle.

You have to make the following rule with yourself: you are not allowed to say ‘no’ to any activity anyone proposes – unless it is illegal or dangerous. Please note that this does not require drinking, in fact it is better if it doesn’t. But it often does and that’s also ok.

Having this rule means that you might have to go out on nights when you really just wanted to stay home and wallow in self pity, or that you might have to attend events you never had any interest in with people you didn’t think you’d find interesting. You’d be surprised at who you can meet and what kind of fun you can have while you are attending a lecture on basket weaving, having dinner with vegan lesbians, practicing dance routines from Shakira videos, or learning how to play the theremin.

The other upside to this is that you become a well rounded individual filled with knowledge other people might not possess. When attending said events try to go by yourself or be invited by a ‘new friend’ you do not know so well. Going with a friend means that you will spend the night talking to the only person you know. For this to work, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

I have given this advice before but I feel it is important: if anyone says “illegal pool party” or “full moon party on a rooftop” you do not ask questions you just go.

Sleep. All these outings and activities can tire you out. Make sure you section time off for sleep. Lack of sleep = grumpiness. So rest up!

Be active. Parties, late nights, eating foie gras injected hamburgers and champagne can take a toll on your energy levels and your figure. Make sure you stay healthy, active and spend a portion of everyday outdoors.

Be aware of what people think, but don’t let it affect you. I will warn you that having the most fun ever will result in people judging you and labeling you a party slut – even if you were only high on life when you danced on that table on a Tuesday night and have gone to bed alone for the last four months. I like to live by the words of Samantha on Sex and the City: “if I cared about what every bitch in town said about me, I would never leave the house.”

Know who your friends are. People like spending time with purveyors of fun, but make sure you differentiate between your party friends and your inner circle. Your besties should be the ones to ground you if you start getting out of control.

Don’t get out of control! Note that having the most fun ever does not mean drinking champagne for breakfast (everyday). There IS a huge difference between being a fun loving awesome individual and a drunk party slut. The line gets often blurred. Balance boozy activities with non boozy ones.

Invest in some super hot yet comfortable heels. How else are you going to be doing this amount of running from event to event if your feet are bleeding inside of your shoes? And let’s face it, you can’t crash a chi- chi party in your high tops every time.

Treat yourself! You will feel happier and super fab if you do things that are super fab. Book a massage at a fancy spa, have a glass of champagne on a gorg rooftop patio, buy one pair of amazing shoes as opposed to five pairs of low end ones.

Please be warned that having the most fun ever will result in fun!!!



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