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By the Modern Hussy

On Learning.

Recently a BIG THING happened in my very corporate workplace. The company decided to switch up their archaic emailing system (which made me want to smash my computer into tiny pieces, then piss on the pieces) to a much more user friendly, simple, modern one (gmail).

Just to give you an idea, the old system did not allow you to ‘reply all’ and wouldn’t save any external emails in contacts, which meant you had to manually enter them every time.

In case you are not familiar with gmail, it is probably the most dummy proof system around, so intuitive that grandparents use it with success. Clearly, the new system was far superior.

Unfortunately, my co-workers did not see it this way. On the day of the ‘launch’ there were line ups around the block to see tech support, even though everyone had been sent to a mandatory 3 hour training session the week before (a session I slept through / ducked out of early deeming it a waste of my time.)

Passing by crowds all I heard was concerns, complaints and general displeasure at this new ‘big change’. The shocking thing was that these whiny assholes were all people in their twenties and thirties – young people!

What happened to thirst for knowledge?

Fast forward about a week. My whole team is doing a little project using a layout software that, if you are in the creative field, is a very basic method of communication. One team member, who has no idea how to use it, calling it the “fancy way of doing things”, prefers to do her layouts using scissors and a glue stick.

Although ‘impressed’ by her dedication to keeping it old school, I tried to offer my help explaining the new method to her (an exercise which would have taken all of three minutes and saved her about three hours.) “Nah” she replies “I’m good.”

Eventually, one of the other team members takes over her part and she happily spends the day reading blogs.

These two events have made me realize something. Even though we claim to be into technology, and claim to love experiencing new things, there is a shocking amount of young people out there who, at their first adult job, learn one thing and then refuse to learn anything else again.

Alternatively not ever learning anything else is a disgusting excuse for your laziness. Why learn something when I can get other people to do it for me?

Hey, I’m just as opposed to change as the next stubborn girl, but I know that there is power in knowledge, and that to maintain your desirability in the workplace (and beyond) you have to stay on top of current trends and changes.

I believe that this attitude affects more than just your job.  All these whiny progress reluctant people are all the same bitches who let themselves go as soon as they bag a mate, never have sex – claiming that they are too stressed out with changes at work, complain about life, and very quickly become dried up, badly dressed corporate nightmares that spew bureaucratic nonsense.

Basically, my worst nightmare.

To avoid becoming such a useless hag, make sure you stay open to learning, don’t become lazy and embrace evolution.

Change is ALWAYS good.

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