Modern Hussy’s Etiquette

By the Modern Hussy

A group of people stand at the bus stop. When it arrives a young dad holds back his 8 year old son motioning for the teenage schoolgirl to get on the bus first. They were there first so she motions back for them to get on. The 8 year old shrugs his shoulders and jumps on. The dad laughs bitterly and follows him. I sigh looking on, and see another gender role fail.

A lot of women growing up these days think they are working so hard for equality that they ruin all the nice ways that men and women interact.  Being brought up in a way where you think that a gentlemanly act is offensive or uncomfortable to you as a woman is incredibly depressing (as in the case of the schoolgirl). Don’t girls want to be treated like girls any more?

I’m not saying that a dude should hit you over the head with a club and drag you back to his cave. The beauty of evolution is that we take what we learned from history and add on newly found knowledge.

But I get sad when girls don’t let boys open the door for them, don’t make them carry the heavy things, refuse to get taken out on a proper date, and essentially act like they are not even female. This is the kind of shit that leads dudes to never ask girls out – but fall back on the old trusty ‘let’s hang out’ – which by the way is not a date even if you let him fondle your bits.

Here is the thing – most men NEED to feel like men, when looking for a partner. They need the chase, the feeling of ‘getting you’, the presumed competition with other males for your attention.

It’s simple, really.

Ever been in a situation where you let a dude have it way too easy? Odds are that he got disinterested and distracted by a female who made him feel like a freaking man!

I’m pretty independent, able to survive self sufficiently, and have enough money to have a good time as I desire, yet if a dude took me on a date, didn’t act like a gentleman and didn’t pay I’d say ‘ciao’ and move on.  Because the same way those men need to feel like they are getting you, I am the very traditional type who likes to BE GOTTEN.

We are not talking about a gold digging situation here. The girls who have their rent paid, and never contribute to the financial status of a relationship are a whole other category.

To me a man who doesn’t know how to treat a lady ….is not even a man. As is a man who cannot drive. Or rewire stuff, or successfully hang a shelf. Oh and “we’ll hire someone to do that” doesn’t redeem his manhood.

Ladies – let yourselves get treated like ladies – it’s nice for you and good for the world.

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