Modern Hussy’s Etiquette

By the Modern Hussy

On transition fashion.

Spring is just around the corner and that awesome time for transition fashion is upon us.

As days get warmer I take a look into my closet, and smirk at all the clothes I thought I adored. Suddenly everyday begins with “I have nothing to wear.”

Not all of us have a budget to completely exchange our wardrobe every season, and, while seeing stores primp their new collection seems exciting, it is still REALLY important to be able to recognize which trends to adopt early and which to stay far away from. No one wants to end up wearing the exact same thing as every other girl in town. And no one wants to jump on a look that will look played out within days.

Here is the Modern Hussy’s guide to choosing new trends for spring: 

1. Refresh your wardrobe with one or two key items in spring colors. It could be a cropped pair of pants in pastel denim (very hot at the moment), or a swirly skirt that you can still rock with your thick tights and a sweater.  These items will announce to the world that you are ready for a new season, but are not just punking a total look off a mannequin at Zara.

2. Be aware of temperature.  Stores may have replaced all their winter gear with warm weather wares, but outside still calls for snow boots and a thick jacket. Don’t look like an asshole who’s freezing by shedding layers too quickly. It’s still cold out.

3. Do check out the trends pages of some key fashion blogs. Some good ones include,,… amongst a sea of others. Don’t forget to look at what’s happening in various parts of the world (Scandinavia is still so hot right now). Do not use street spotting blogs as a way of knowing what’s up with fashion because 90% of people on those things look like a trainwrecked clown.

4. Some trends are not to be adopted. I can usually tell which key items are going to spread like an STI at a party full of slutty girls. Those trends are not to be touched because within days they will have gotten copied by disgusting cheapie stores, and worn by people who you do not want to look at. Tacky tacky! These are usually trends that are overly aggressive, busy and colourful.  Trust me, I used to love my fluo pumps THREE YEARS AGO. Will I jump on the trend this season? Hell, no.

4. Aim for things that you can easily mix into the rest of your wardrobe.  I do wear a lot of black, but for spring I will expand into some warm weather colours.

5. Some trends you should not touch this spring if you want to look unique: flowery day pyjamas – hideous + horror, see through long in the back short in the front skirts, Navajo prints – starting to get totally played out, no matter what fashion week told you.

6. Layering is your best friend.  This is the time of year where tights with skirts, and long tanks with a loose sweater, and a giant scarf with a cute beanie all look amazing and cozy, while still giving you a nice spring look. Dusty pastels and rusts are very good, and go so well with black and gray.

I hope you look really pretty for spring!


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