Modern Hussy’s Etiquette

If you live in certain parts of North America you likely got hit by some spectacular winter weather last week.

The Modern Hussy LOOOOOVES snow.

I love the cold, I love wearing furry things and leather things, and I love winter sports.  Most importantly I love how the city looks, covered with a soft layer of white, fluffy snow.

What I do not like, is driving in the snow. And last Friday I had to drive through the snowstorm.

A girl friend of mine was with me, as we cautiously slid our way to the vicinity of my house, trying the impossible: to find a parking spot.

We found one that didn’t seem a complete snow bank and tried to drive into it.

And then tried to drive out of it.

And then nothing happened.

The front wheel of the car got stuck in an ICE CREVICE (Fuck you, ice crevice!!!), and we couldn’t go any further.

With despair I tried to maneuver the car in any way, while my friend guided me from the outside, but the car was not going anywhere.

This continued for some time. People passed by and looked away, even though we were quite obviously two cute girls in distress. (And have I mentioned that my friend was single and would have definitely gone out with you if you helped us?)

Boys hurried on observing the scene, but not acknowledging our ‘please help us‘ eyes.

We borrowed a shovel from a nearby restaurant and even then, there was very little interest in offering any kind of help.

Finally a woman and her husband walked by and SHE asked if we needed help. She made her husband push the car out for us, but his help was short and limited and he wouldn’t drive the car out when we asked him to. We heard his wife scolding him as they walked away…

We held the shovel looking after them wandering what the hell does a girl have to do to get some help around these parts…..?

Eventually we just left the car where it was and went for drinks, discussing the major fail that just occurred.

So, what is going on?

Is chivalry dead?

Did all those dudes who passed us by assume that we were doing all right, or that we would take offence when offered ‘man’ help?

Can we assume that they were nouveau hipster dudes who can’t actually drive as their main mode of transport is a vintage bike and occasional public transport, as they freelance from home?

Even then, would they not have been able to help push us out?

Where are all the real men???

Valentines day is upon us, and boys, instead of running all over town getting chocolates and flowers and reservations at restaurants that serve all their food with foams and reductions, I have a better idea.

Make today your day of chivalry!

Come fix our stove, push our cars out of ditches, open that door, carry us over the puddle, chop down that tree, rescue our kitten! And we will make you a steak.

Now that’s romance!

May this year be the return of the retro sexual!

Happy Valentines Day!

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