Modern Hussy’s Etiquette

By the Modern Hussy

Serendipity: ‘Opening your eyes each morning, looking at the bright world and going absolutely ape!’ (William Holden in Paris When It Sizzles)

A few years ago I decided that my goal in life will be to have the most fun ever, no matter what I am doing and no matter where I am. It is a philosophy that has resulted in nothing but great adventures.

The reason for this decision occurred when, immediately after getting my heart broken large, I proceeded to have the best year of my life. Of course at the time I was certain that I was going to die and wallowed in self-pity at every possible occasion.

In retrospect, I was partying like a rockstar, getting promoted at work, picking up like a player and most importantly building some incredibly amazing friendships with people who will be inner circle 4 lyfe.

For the next few years, anytime I got depressed or bored or sad with life I tried to go back to that thought and tired to appreciate something about everyday life. So getting ridiculous Asiany outfits helped me get through weeks at a time in factory towns in China, hosting multicultural dinner parties distracted me from the horrible dating scene in Milan, and bike rides by the Spree made me feel less lonely in Berlin (amongst other adventures).

Just that last sentence will make you realize that my life is pretty incredible. I have been fortunate to live in some of the most exciting places in the world, I have travelled half the world, I have met amazing people of all kinds and I have many stories that begin with “so last night I accidentally ended up at a rave party….”

It’s been great.

But it is reeeeally easy to get all up in our heads and feel like nobody loves us, and like we are not accomplishing enough, and like other people are better off, and like we should be doing all of the things … Blablabla…

As I write this blog post from my 1.5 hour commute from work where I am spending insane hours, working three times as hard as I have had to in a while, while getting judged by fashion bitches; while living with installation artists; while living in a city I don’t particularly love, with an unreasonably long and aggressive winter, I can’t help but ask myself… Am I happy?

Am I happier than when I was bored and lonely and yearning for a change?

So let me count the serendipitous ways of present life:

  • I am challenged like a whoa, more challenged than I have been in years.
  • I am learning so much and becoming better and better in my professional skills.
  • I am feeling highly competitive because of the talent that is around me at work.
  • I am out of my comfort zone.
  • I get to be close to the people I love the most, and they are pretty awesome.

I’ll say that’s pretty good.

And if I am not happy in six months, I’ll change something.

Which leads me to my other motto:

Change is ALWAYS good.

So stop whining about your life, and try to see one happy aspect of what you are doing every day.

It works.

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