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By the Modern Hussy

On Taste

“Taste” has been a recent buzzword in my life.

As in: “She (or he) has really good taste.”

I have been thinking about this a lot, because frankly I often disagree with the statement being stated about certain people. This has led me to start analysing what is taste.

Some people will swear that the big fashion houses dictate taste. Bloggers will define good taste as a mix of vintage finds and expansive items all photographed on themselves by their gay boyfriends. And then there is the world of “fast fashion” which is a whole other can of worms.

Let’s start with fast fashion.

Do people who shop at H&M and Zara have good taste?

You can get the full Balenciaga collection at Zara about a month after runway, yet it is also cheap, badly manufactured crap that falls apart and starts pilling after four wears.

Zara is amazing at merchandising, giving you the full look option making you look very well put together. You don’t really need to use your brain if you are a ‘Zara girl’, but also you are more than guaranteed to run into someone wearing the exact same outfit as you.

I think we can agree that people with taste have originality and wearing the same outfit as every bitch in town is the opposite of that. Buying key pieces here and there to merge with other finds is ok, but if you run to HM every week to get the item of the moment you are just adding to the landfills. Polluting is not sexy!

Bloggers are a herd of their own. It must be nice to be a SusieBubble or a Blonde Salad or Sea of Shoes… Running off to fashion shows, collaborating with key brands, and being adored by girl fans around the world. But really… Who says that these girls know where it’s at with fashion?
Have you seen their outfits?

Half the time I cringe with disgust as they mix atrocious prints, wear costume like contraptions, and vouch for items that are never going to be a trend. It’s really great that you wore plaid jodhpurs with pointy white ankle boots, a vintage Dolce flower printed blouse and a hat with a feather on it! But note that being weird and different does not automatically get you an A+ in taste. While following blogs is a fun distraction, I hardly see them as THE bible of style.

This leads us to the fashion houses. When time for runway comes, fashionistas all over the world get their panties bunched up trying to figure out who will have the ‘it’ piece this season. Personally, I like about 5 designers and really can’t get on board with models that look like old Russian grandmothers or ugly dudes.

But who buys this crap? Even the ready to wear?

Women with large amounts of disposable income, that’s who. Frankly running out to get a gold Balmain blazer for $7000 every season is hardly a true test of good taste. Also, let’s think about who in the world has large amounts of disposable income (not counting famous people)….

1. Old rich ladies.
2. Young girls married to rich dudes.

Soooooo, if we say that the fashion houses set the pace, yet the only people who wear the brands are the two aforementioned groups, then we are really letting old rich ladies and gold diggers set the tone for good taste. Really?

Sorry, but you don’t automatically have good taste if you own vintage Chanel, and money can’t buy good taste.

My friend LK who has excellent taste states:

The first step in having good taste is caring about details and investing in well made basics that will last and building on them each season. You may just need a new scarf or pair of pants to update your look. You will probably spend the same amount of money as someone who goes crazy and buys 5 pairs of cheap shoes /10 sweaters / 3 coats blahblahblah each season. I would rather support a designer who has spent years cultivating a style. They should get paid. I’m against blatant knock offs. Choosing a few designers you are into can help limit your fashion choices and helps you build a personal style. You won’t need to overhaul your wardrobe every season and still look current.
How would you choose something otherwise?? There are so many choices you will just be tempted to buy everything all the time.

Fully agree, LK.

To sum up, good taste can be interpreted in different ways by different people, and most importantly; taste is subjective. So the next time you hear that someone has really good taste, don’t just blindly believe it, form you own opinion.

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