Missoni Zig Zags to Holt Renfrew

Is it true that you can often tell a successful person by the quality of their skin?

Success = wealth = lots of expensive creams, treatments, healthy organic foods and vitamin D from basking in the sun in exquisite French Riviera locations. Plus, often times, much like A-list movie stars, successful folks just have that glow.

Maybe it’s all that positive energy radiating from their bodies, than again maybe it’s just a very expensive spray tan.

Case in point Margherita Maccapani Missoni, a third-generation member of the Italian fashion dynasty Missoni and the company’s Chief Accessories Designer.

Yesterday, she dropped by Toronto’s Holt Renfrew to launch the store’s exclusive Missoni elephant and bear to benefit OrphanAid Africa. These two wilderness dwellers come in the iconic Missoni zig zag print and retail for $50 a pop (not a bad stocking stuffer for your fashion forward niece or nephew.)

Anyway, back to skin…

The moment she stepped into the show room one thing was certain, Ms. Missoni has flawless skin.

You couldn’t miss it – she wore a backless shirt that exposed her entire back.

Envious gasps reverberated from the fashion hungry waiting to get their animals signed. Everyone took notice.

But in the case of this 29 year old fashion heiress, the perfect skin was accompanied by a perfect smile and a genuinely warm appreciation for the crowd that showed up.

Margherita Maccapani Missoni with Holt Renfrew’s Alexandra Weston.

With her seductive Italian accent she warmly thanked each person as they approached for an autograph and took the time to sign a personalized message on each box.

Margherita grew up in the Italian countryside at her grandmother Rosita Missoni’s (the label’s founder) home. Perhaps that flawless skin (and her warm demeanor) is just a product of her earthy upbringing and some homemade virgin olive oil.

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