Man Candy: Gosling Boxing

Happy Friday kids!

With the weekend nearly upon us, the question is: what do you have planned???

Might we suggest checking out a hypnotic, ultra-violent revenge saga set in the seamy underworld of Bangkok.

Only God Forgives the follow up to Drive (2011) from Danish provocateur Nicolas Winding Refn and his on-screen bestie  Ryan Gosling starts its run at Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox tonight!

Here’s a quick synopsis via TIFF:

“One of the most controversial entries at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Nicolas Winding Refn’s hypnotic follow-up to his worldwide hit Drive focuses on Julian (Ryan Gosling), an ex-pat American who fled the US after killing a cop and now manages a Muay Thai boxing club in Bangkok as a front for a narcotics ring. After ten years, Julian is reunited with his mother Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas), the head of a large criminal organization, who arrives in Thailand to claim the body of her other son, who was murdered after savagely attacking a young prostitute.”  

And to get you salivating check out this behind the scenes clip of director Nicolas Winding Refn chatting about violence and sex with Ryan Golsing…oh yeah, and you get to see RG training with another dude with his shirt off.

The clip, only about a minute long, demonstrates Gosling’s aesthetic versatility – he looks handsome, hot and cute; which leads us to ask – is Ryan Gosling cuter than a Puppy? 

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