Lessons for a Digital World

By Filip Terlecki

It doesn’t take brains to realize that we are living in an increasingly digital world but it does take brains to navigate this ever changing and complex digital beast. What technology should I focus on? What trends should I follow? What social media tools are worth spending time on? What apps will make my life easier? Should I pin this or like that? It’s all a bit overwhelming at times.

It’s no wonder that digital media conferences have sprung up like chickenpox on a school brat. There’s a load of them, with each one bringing together today‚Äôs best experts to try and predict future trends, new technologies and figure out if any of this can make companies cold hard cash. It’s turning into a bit of a cottage industry and, it’s all very exciting too. There’s a palpable aura of excitement and possibility among digital folk at these events.

The enthusiasm is absolutely valid. Over the last few years tools such as the iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Twitter and even BlackBerry have changed the way we live our lives. This evolution will continue so it’s in our best interest to try and get a grasp of what’s going on.

Last week, in conjunction with Canadian Music Week, an impressive contingent of digital media players gathered at the Fairmont Royal York for the Digital Media Summit to preach the digital gospel. The event was headlined by the media women of the moment, Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington and her cue cards.

Here are the top key takeaways as tweeted by some of the attendees that were there…














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