Le Dîner en Blanc: The Look

By Izabela Stabinska

We originally told you all about Le Dîner en Blanc – the secret renegade pop-up dinner – in this post. This exclusive event is officially coming to Toronto on August 9th and is expected to bring together thousands of guests.

So as we impatiently wait for this amazing night, most of us are puzzled with the question: What should I wear?

Well, the organizers are encouraging showing off the elegant side, starting with white button-down shirts for guys and sleek dresses for ladies and decorating tables with white cloth, china plates and glasses for champagne and wine.

Inspired by enchanting garden parties and warm summer nights with good company, I grabbed a pencil and decided to come up with a few styles that would capture the mood of a magical night out with friends.

From a bohemian look to a more polished fitted piece, I designed three styles for anyone who would like to stand out.

So here you have the incredibly versatile and easily-fitted wrap dress that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the mood, a wide-leg elegant-yet-comfy jumpsuit with a sensual open back, and a waist-cinching strapless mini-dress with a flattering double peplum – a must-have for the season!

If any of these catch your eye drop me a line at iza.stabinska AT google.com or find me on facebook and I’d be happy to custom make one for you just for the occasion. As for myself I’m still debating on which look to wear.

See you at the party!

Izabela is Toronto based fashion designer who studied fashion in California. After receiving the Best Graduation Collection award, she traveled all over Europe where she collaborated on art projects, fashion shows and photo shoots. In Toronto, she is freelancing in fashion design and production as well as creating custom-made garments.

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