Happy 2014!

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Can you believe 2014 is here?! We hope that you kicked it off in a grand fashion.

With a New Year come new resolutions. Promises, promises, promises. And then…


They say that most resolutions are dropped within two weeks. With the promise of a fresh start we get excited, reenergized and a bit too optimistic. Just because it’s January 1st doesn’t mean that suddenly we’ll transform into completely new people. The key is to keep it simple. Instead of ten resolutions, make one; one key change that, if it sticks, will make a huge difference.

What’s our one resolution?

In 2014 we resolve to blog every single day! That’s right. 365 posts.

No more slacking (Santa knows we’ve been bad with our posts the past year). We’re committed to get rolling again and to churn it out every single day.

That’s our 2014 resolution. What’s yours?

365 Posts

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