Fear Remedy

How many times have you planed on finally doing something “significant” only to chicken out?

How often have you committed yourself to making that change, making that move only to bail out because of fear? You didn’t wanna face the potential failure or worse, deal with the changes that might come with success?

Well, fear not because the fear remedy is here. And oddly enough,  it comes from rapper 50 Cent himself.

That’s right 50 Cent.

In case you didn’t know, the man born as Curtis Jackson, the man once shot 9 times, is no longer just a gangsta rapper from the hood. He’s a mogul, author, philanthropist and a man with NO FEAR.

The 50th Law (co- written with New York Times bestselling author Robert Greene) is a semi-autobiographical account describing 50 Cent’s rise as a young street-wise hustler and subsequently a successful rapper.

The book, which the New York Post called “a modern day Art of War” is also packed with lessons and anecdotes from historical figures such as Abraham LincolnSun TzuSocratesNapoleon and Malcolm X.

The book is not new. It was published in 2009. But, it’s a great read, offers a ton of valuable takeaways and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here’s 50 Cent giving it the good ol’ plug…

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