|FAT| Day 3 in Pictures

Words and Photos by Filip Terlecki

This past Thursday marked my first visit to |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. Fashion wise – it’s a showcase of the up and comers, which means that the designs are often more cutting edge than those at a conventional Fashion Week show. And, the inclusion of art installations just adds an element of the avant-garde; a bit of that Andy Warhol-The Factory vibe in our own backyard.

Labeled BODYscapes, Day 3, highlighted artists and designers who investigate the human form as a playing field for expressing identity, sexuality and gender. Some of the designers featured were Dianna DiNoble (Starkers! Corsetry), Anne-Marie Smith (Cinched Tight Corsetry), Ashley Davies and Matt Smart (House of Etiquette), Zent Keymole (ZENT) and Sylvia Cohen.

Fashion aside, what impressed me the most was the venue where the entire spectacle took place. FAT utilizes a historic industrial warehouse located in Toronto’s emerging arts district on Sterling Rd. It’s a massive old brick building with a ton of character and one that I wanted to capture in my photographs.

Here is DAY 3 of FAT through my camera lens…

More photos are available on our facebook page.

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