Farm-to-Fork Local Food

By UT   Photos via Nutrafarms

We’ve all heard of farm-to-table but have you heard of farm-to-fork?

Since having our daughter, I’ve spend many hours scouring the internet looking into local farms at which I can purchase pasture raised meat and eggs.

Nutrafarms CowAcquiring this type of meat is not easy or cheap but definitely worth if from a health and taste standpoint.

I was intrigued when I recently came across Nutrafarms, a farm-to-fork retailer in Ontario that offers a bulk-purchasing service that eliminates stores as a link between farmers and customers.

Nutrafarms represents family-run farms in Stayner (beef), Sarnia (pork) and the Niagara Region (poultry), and offers customizable orders of organic, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat.

The company’s farmers have also eschewed factory-farming techniques and kept with old-fashioned methods to deliver a healthier, more humane product (for example, at the eighth-generation family farm in Stayner, cows and their calves graze in fields with minimal human interaction. At the company’s pig farm, sows and their piglets have a barn with straw beds instead of a mass-production pen with metal grates for floors).

As well, when it comes to local, Nutrafarms minimizes the distance (within 20-30 km) between the producers and where the animals are processed. The result is a reduction in the stress, adrenaline and fatigue on the animals.

Nutrafarms Team

Nutrafarms sounds like a winner to me. To be honest I haven’t gotten in touch with the company just yet, but I definitely will. I’ll let you know what my experience was like.

Can you recommend any other great local farms in your area?

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