Dungeon-Master Chic

Words by Izabela Stabinska     Photos and Video by Filip Terlecki

Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill are definitely not into re-creating the conventional.

The Toronto duo, known to fashionistas for their women’s label Greta Constantine, have been showcasing the menswear equivalent (Ezra Constantine) off the runway’s of the city’s fashion week for the past few seasons.

However, this time they revealed their latest men’s collection to a full house at Toronto Fashion Week’s studio space. And, YouNxt was invited to witness the spectacle.

The collection set in neutral whites, blacks, and greys, focused mostly on texture and details that gave it an edgy and unconventional look. And, even though the fabrics were mostly comfy knits and wools, they didn’t compromise that risky and dramatic look Ezra Constantine is famous for.

Reminiscent of a sort of armour, the pieces translated into sporty yet futuristic garments with funnel-neck details, sculptured sleeves, fold-over pants, and sequin-embellished sweaters. Toronto Life magazine labeled the look “dungeon-master chic”; basically, a bold clothing statement for an avant-garde individual.

Would you wear something like this?

Check out the collection in this video. More pictures are available on our facebook page.

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