The Way I Dress

By Filip Terlecki

One time, while in Paris, I wanted to buy a classic black suit.

When I entered a shop, the sales clerk asked what I was looking for and after explaining to him that I wanted to buy a suit, he took one look at me and handed me something to try.

I slipped it on but from the expression on my face he could tell that there was something up.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I dunno. Something seems off. I can feel the material touching my body. It seems tight,” I replied.

He sighed.

“It’s not tight. You’re supposed to feel it. You’re wearing it after all,” he explained.

He was right. The suit looked amazing. It was then that I realized that our North American perception of what clothes are supposed to feel like was way off.

In North America we’re all about comfort. It’s probably a bi-product of the fast-food “convenience mentality.” Who cares what we look like as long as we’re comfortable, right?  Men are especially guilty of this.

We used to look like this…

But now we look like this…

Big mistake. Laziness in one area leads to a decay of the whole.

But when it comes to fashion men tend to be quickly intimidated.

Which brings me to Mr. Porter – the London based online retail destination for men’s style.

To appeal to men, Mr. Porter has created a series of videos titled The Way I Dress that profile stylish men from real life speaking about their personal style choices.

Check out these few examples directed by Chris Floyd. Here’s CEO and President of Trunk Archive, Matthew Moneypenny filmed in a Paris apartment.

And here’s David Macklovitch from the band Chromeo in New York City.

The website also offers style tips and advice via short videos. So do yourself a favour and invest some time to refine your image.

One thing to remember – women judge a man by his shoes. So, that’s one area you might want to make an immediate improvement to.

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