Classic Films x Live Orchestra


This past Valentine’s Day my valentine and I saw a movie.

What’s the big deal, right?

Well, it wasn’t just any old movie. It was the Humphrey Bogart / Ingrid Bergman classic Casablanca accompanied by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) And you know what, it was utterly awesome! Seriously, it was one of the funnest movie experiences that I’ve ever had.

Casablanca by TSO Feature

From the very first note when the Warner Bros. logo showed up the TSO just brought the movie to life. It was sound in 3D; loud, vibrant and transfixing.

Just to clarify it wasn’t just music over a silent picture, the original Max Steiner score was replaced by the TSO’s live performance with all the other sounds and dialogue still in the movie.

If you ever get a chance to experience something like this then jump at the opportunity. You’ll love it.

The TSO has got a number of similar cool new initiatives. In April they will celebrate Mardi Gras with a New Orleans Jazz performance and in May they’ll perform the music of ABBA. Check out their website for more info. And, if you know of any other such performances please drop us a line.

Which brings me to this – wouldn’t it be cool if more movies were performed this way? Imagine if movies integrated a live musical component to make the screening more of a unique and unforgettable experience.

Can you imagine watching Star Wars with a live orchestra?

Well apparently you can. Check out this website.

And in June the London Philharmonic will bring the music from Star War, Harry Potter, Gladiator, Jurassic Park, The Lord of the Rings, Big Country, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Ghostbusters and Mission: Impossible to life. 

As a tease here’s the Star Wars Imperial March performed by a live orchestra in Prague. Awesome!!!


And here’s the same track performed live in Vienna.


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