Brooklyn for the Weekend

This summer instead of taking one long vacation, we opted to stay close to home and take a few short (3-4 days) trips. We decided on a couple tried-and-true favourites as well as a few places we’ve never been to but always wanted to go.

We kicked off the summer travelling season but going to a place we’ve been to MANY times but never get sick of, New York City!


Our daughter is now 2.5 years old and is very much into exploring, so we thought what better place than NYC to let her curiosity reign free. In the past we’ve stayed in a hotel in Manhattan or with our great friends in Long Island.

This time around we wanted to explore the borough of Brooklyn and turned to AirBnB to find a family-friendly place that was easy on the wallet, but provided us with accessibility to major attractions and most importantly, a separate bedroom for our daughter so that we could stay up after she went to sleep.


We’ve booked homes/apartments using other home-renting services but this was our first time using AirBnb. Overall the experience was fast, easy, and convenient. We found a great apartment in the heart of Williamsburg that was close to all major parks, the ferry (a quick 20 minute ride to Manhattan), as well as many restaurants. When our babe went to sleep we were able to enjoy the rest of our evenings watching movies, eating takeout, or watching the buzz of Brooklyn from our fire escape.



Brooklyn for her.


Brooklyn for him.


I can’t say enough good things about Brooklyn/Williamsburg and AirBnB. We hope to be back to NYC in the near future, until then have a look at the video below for some of our trip highlights.

Safe travels.


Airbnb NYC from The Creators Bureau on Vimeo.