A Spotlight on Photog Jerzy Cebo

By Peter Calak

Jerzy Cebo is an accomplished Toronto based photographer. He was born in Poland, where he first discovered his passion for shooting pictures. He immigrated to Canada in 1981 and kept photography as a hobby, using photographs to express his perception of the world around him.

Jerzy turned pro in 2003 and, over the years, he has developed a unique approach to photo taking with a particular focus on architecture, landscapes and the human body.

I recently spoke to Jerzy about his inspirations and passions.

How did you start out?

I began taking pictures for family albums and school newsletters. Later, galleries in Krakow took an interest in my photographs of the “Old City,” its landmarks and architecture, but mainly they were intrigued by my interpretation of life in this historic city. Then, after completing a photography course with distinction, I changed my passion to a profession.

(c) Jerzy Cebo, jerzyphoto.com

What are your favorite subjects?

My personal favorite and the most admired photographs are those of jazz musicians, dancers and body painters. These artists create the mood and the rhythm of my photographs. The images capture the mood and the energy of the space. They’re a moment frozen in time.

(c) Jerzy Cebo, jerzyphoto.com

(c) Jerzy Cebo, jerzyphoto.com

Why have you decided to focus your work on body painting?

The human body has always been an inspiration to me. Body painting is the art of using a male or female body as the canvas for a painting. Performers’ expressive dance and sensual motion create an unbelievable experience. The only remaining records are the photographs and the memories of the event, which I strive to capture.

You can explore Jerzy’s work on his personal website: http://www.jerzyphoto.com

(c) Jerzy Cebo, jerzyphoto.com